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Daniel Johnson is a bassist ( bass guitar and upright ) and composer studying Music at Western Oregon University. Daniel continues to compose at Western Oregon University under the tutelage of Dr. William S. Whitley as he also continues to perform with Orquestra Brasil, Western Oregon Winds, Western Oregon Symphony, and Western Hemisphere Voices. In the past, Daniel has been involved with Western Oregon Univerity's Pep Band, Jazz Repertoire Combo, and has sung on stage in a choir backing Kurt Elling. 

Daniel plays many various genres of music including Brazilian, Blues, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Orchestral, and more. At a very young age, Daniel was very fond of the works of Beethoven and loved playing the piano.When he grew older, he started playing bass guitar at People's Church in Salem, Oregon, developing a love for using music to worship God. Daniel is passionate about Music, and believes it should always come from the heart. Music is about passion and if the music does not convey an emotional response, it seems empty. Daniel composes his music with this in mind. Also, he believes that each piece should be composed as if it is his last. Daniel sometimes plays on Independence Assembly of God's worship team, when he can. 

In a Fine Arts Festival held in Albany, Oregon, Daniel was awarded the invitation to attend a national conference in Florida for his solo bass playing. He has played as a substitute with the band Stillfire, but turned down an offer to join as their official bassist to focus on schooling, and has performed on-stage a couple of times with "Cross Stitch," intending to play more gigs with them in the future. He has also been recorded for live television broadcast with The Jeff Haggard Project and won a Battle of the Bands competition with Johnny Kennicot and Christian Pond with Dead End Street in Willamina two years in a row. He has appeared on a float for a handful of parades on top of this. 

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